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With warmer weather coming, we hope to see you taking advantage of the Associations many and varied scheduled programs and events that are open to the Public; while continuing to utilize the facilities and ranges in a safe and responsible manner as a private member. Remember, the rules established are in place to aide the safe and enjoyable participation of the shooting sports for all of our members. If you have questions or are unsure as to what is or is not permitted upon the Associations ranges, please review the rules, they are available for download below. If you are still unsure, please do not hesitate to Contact Us

Summer is on the way!

Good Shooting

The Lima SABRES Shooting Association 2018 schedule is available within the calendar. Please note that events offered are subject to change. Smallbore Junior Rifle program will be held on Tuesdays this year. For the latest updates, please be sure to 'Like' us at Lima SABRES on Facebook

Other Bits

Your membership and participation in the Association, and the events offered are vital, significant and help us achieve this! THANK YOU for your continued support! We look forward to seeing you on the ranges into 2018! All members are encouraged to review the Association Rules. Current rules may be downloaded HERE

Member Spotlight

Member XXX is YOU!!! Truck Driver, Teacher, Stay-At-Home Mom, Member XXX is the Citizen of Allen County and our sister counties. As a current or future member of the Lima SABRES Shooting Association, your support of the 2nd Amendment and the ideals of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness as enshrined in our nations founding documents are welcomed and embraced by Americans with an ideology similar to yours. We love our Country, our Community and it's Citizens and hold dear the notion that a free people are self governing under our Constitutional Principals.

The facilities of Lima SABRES provides ample opportunity for hosting your special event as well.

Consider us for your:

  • Bachelor Party
  • Employer Picnic
  • Graduation Party
  • And More...

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