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Smallbore Rifle Programs

Director: Chad Allen

Smallbore Rifle

Smallbore rifle isn't just for the young, but the young at heart. THE game of Kings and Queens, smallbore rifles history is rich and storied. Offered year-round, our smallbore programs delight, challenge and educate.

Firing is under cover and available at 25, 50, 75, 100 and 200 yards. However, there is only ONE firing line, and all shots must impact the berm. Multiple benches are available or the shooter may place their mat on the concrete line and fire from any position if they choose. With a wide variety of opportunities for rimfire rifle shooting offered, our programs are unequaled in the area and are second to none.

E.D.G.E. Junior Rifle League

Educating & Developing Gun Enthusiasts© Lima SABRES E.D.G.E. offers the areas premier Junior Smallbore Program. With a foundation in the Winchester/NRA Marksmanship Program, Junior Shooters are guided under the watchful eye of NRA/USA Shooting Certified Coaches. Offered in two eight week sessions, this program teaches beginning shooters the fundamentals of position rifle shooting, safe handling of firearms and prepares them for NRA and USA Shooting Conventional and International style competition.

The skills and lessons learned here can prepare your child for a world of shooting opportunities; from helping to perfect ones general knowledge or hunting abilities, to Collegiate Scholarships, National Team and Olympic opportunities. We are proud of our youth Smallbore rifle shooters and their multiple representations of Ohio's finest during the NRA National Rifle and Pistol Championships on Ohio Rifle and Pistol Association State Junior Prone and 3-P Teams; as well as invitations to the USA Shooting National Junior Olympics. All program equipment and instruction for youth is provided free of charge. For more information on this program please contact us!


Lima SABRES provides ample opportunity for friendly competitive and recreational smallbore rifle shooting.
Annual L.S.S.A. Club Level programs include:

.22 Rimfire Silhouette

Rimfire Silhouette is fired scoped or iron-sight, on our 200 yard rifle range at interactive steel plate targets representing:

  • Chickens at 25 yards,
  • Boars at 50 yards,
  • Turkeys at 75 yards,
  • Rams at 100 yards.

Fired in 10 shot/5 minute rounds from the standing position, competitors ultimately advance through the stages four at a time while being scored 'hit or miss' before switching roles and scoring for those behind them.

This light-hearted 'game' is serious fun, if occasionally frustrating in its challenge. We look forward to you joining us! Firing will begin at approximately 5:30pm, however you may arrive at any time there after. Please note that later arrivals risk a setting sun, and a potential inability to fire.

Entry is $5 per match and division (season-end paybacks *minimum attendance required), unless you are a Junior in which case you shoot free at all LSSA Club matches, excluding NRA Approved and Registered matches.

.22 Benchrest

Starts August 7th and runs every Monday through September 25th. Prep time starts at 5:00 - Shooting starts at 5:30 Cost $5.00 We are going to run a 50 yard benchrest competition that will consist of 25 shots for record. Each round will consist of (1) paper target will have 25 individual scoring rings and 4 sighting rings. Shooters will place one shot on each ring and then the scores will be tallied at the end of each match. Shooters will have unlimited sighters. Shooters may shoot additional rounds (targets) for an additional $5.00 We will run this as a league so shooters who attend at least (6) matches or have at least (6) scoreable targets will be eligible for payouts at the end of September. Shooters may shoot as may rounds as they like; however, only their top (6) rounds will count for the league. Shooters may use any type of .22LR rifle. We will break the shooters into a scope division vs an iron sight division. Shooters may use any type of rests as long as there is a separate front and back rest. Depending on the interest, we may break the divisions down further into a factory vs unlimited class. Recommend either a scope able to see .22 holes at 50 yards or a spotting scope because once we start , we will not be going downrange until everyone is done shooting. Because of the nature of this match, shooters may start shooting anytime after 5:30 until dusk. If a shooter can‘t make it until later in the evening, it is still ok as long as they can get their 25 shots off before dusk.

Rimfire Mini-Palma *Suspended for 2017*

Mini-Palma is a .22 rimfire 'game' shot Prone at 200 yards, with either scoped or iron sighted rifles. Firing begins at 5:30 pm or shortly thereafter to ensure sufficient daylight for the shooters. Course of fire is unlimited sighters and 20 record shots in 30 minutes. Shooters must pull targets for the next relay if firing first. One must be able to gain approximately 55 minutes of elevation to safely make the ballistic drop. The ballistics are a pretty fair representation of a .308 at 1000 yards, however, it is not nearly as difficult as many assume, to consistently shoot the 10 ring or better given an individuals ability.

Entry is $5 per match (season-end paybacks *minimum attendance required) unless you are a Junior in which case you shoot free at all LSSA Club matches, excluding NRA Approved and Registered matches.

Winter League

Winter League starts the first weekend after the New Year. This .22 rimfire rifle game is shot out of the heated, enclosed shoot house on the 50 yard range at a distance of fifty yards from the standing position. Well attended, this event is offered in several relays, with each relay consisting of up to seven shooters. Shooters may fire in iron-sight or scoped divisions, or both as many choose.

Forty Record Shots are fired in 10 round, 5 minute strings from the standing, unsupported position. This Club League offers an inviting, relaxed, and social atmosphere both on the line and in the clubhouse; and often a warm, hearty, homemade meal by and for those attending.

A League End Awards Banquette offers a catered meal and recognition of achievement following a lighthearted 'Grudge Match' (based off score percentages) of similarly ranked shooters at the last Match. Entry is $5 per match and division (season-end paybacks *minimum attendance required), unless you are a Junior in which case you shoot free at all LSSA Club matches, excluding NRA Approved and Registered matches.

2017 Smallbore Rifle Schedule

Director: Chad Allen

Sunday .22 Rimfire Winter League
(50 yard range & clubhouse)
Jan 8rd-Mar 26th, March 26th Grudge Match & Awards Banquette
Clubhouse opens 8:30. Relays of 7 shooters at 9am, and approx. every 45-50 thereafter.
*additional relays as needed.
$5 Individual entry, paybacks @ season end *minimum attendance required.
40 shots standing, Iron Sight, Scoped, Tactical classes.

.22 Rimfire Silhouette League
(200 yard range)
May 1st-Jul 26. $5 individual entry, paybacks @ season end *minimum attendance required.

First shooter approx. at 5:30pm, late entries to capacity or dusk. Iron sight or Scoped classes.
40 record shots, 10ea in 5 min. @ 25/50/75/100 yds

.22 Rimfire Benchrest League
(200 yard range?)
Aug 7th-Sep 25. $5 individual entry, paybacks @ season end *minimum attendance required.

.22 Rimfire Mini-Palma
(200 yard range & clubhouse)

Junior Smallbore Club
(50 Yard Range)
Single relay at 6:00pm. Limited to 12 Juniors.
All equipment provided. Free. Advanced registration recommended! Registration closes on session start date!

MONDAYS May 1st - Aug. 21st 6pm;   Smallbore Club Junior Fun Shoot August 28th, 5:00pm
(25, 50, 200 yard, plinking, trap field & clubhouse *Members are invited and encouraged to join us on the ranges!)

In addition to the smallbore rifle programs we offer, Lima SABRES also offers high-power rifle, handgun, shotgun, and primitive weapons.

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