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The SABRES 3-gun competition will be held July 15th 2017. Entry is $25. Please read the rules at LSSA 3-Gun Rules (PDF) and fully understand what division you are registering to shoot. * Not all represented divisions will be applicable to this match. A note on divisions: your division will be determined by the equipment you are using. When you sign up at the match you will be asked to note what class that puts you in. This will not affect who you shoot with; it is simply used in the scoring to group shooters together by division so scores can be compared more easily to the division you are actually competing against.

We will only be running 3 divisions in this match, Open, Practical, and Irons. Rimfire has been generally excluded (200yd work, special concessions may be made). Heavy Metal and all the subsets of irons and basic guns are still welcome to shoot! However, due to unknown turnout and the generally lower percentage of these shooters the divisions stand as: Open, Practical, and Irons.

Chamber flags are required for all long guns. The match stages will consist of at least two of each: rifle, pistol and shotgun. NO STEEL CORE AMMO. The MINIMUM round count for this match is 140 rounds rifle, 110 rounds pistol, 71 rounds bird-shot and 2 slugs. These are MINIMUM round counts based on two rounds per paper target and one per steel. Bring extra!
New Shooters must arrive by 10:00am for a Safety Overview. Sign-In closes at10:40am, shooting starts at 11am. The cost of the match is $25.00 per shooter.

This is NOT a 3 Gun Nation sanctioned or registered match. YOU DO NOT NEED TO JOIN 3 GUN NATION TO SHOOT OUR MATCH! Please register by clicking on the event from our calendar or Register Here

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